We believe in secure experiences for everyone. We’re driven by our mission to develop best practice solutions that help people and businesses protect themselves against pervasive cyber and physical security threats.

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IoTech Protect

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IOTechProtect, LLC, a Michigan, USA based LLC, has partnered with several developers of highly needed technologies, including IT and security technology developers, distributors and producers in Europe, Asia, and North America with more than 20 years of experience supporting the European and North American markets. We provide comprehensive solutions to meet ever-growing and changing physical and cybersecurity demands with very powerful, state-of-the-art, technologies in critical need areas including:

Cyber Protection

Expert assessment and a customized platform to keep your data secure and compliant. Specializing in the integration of IoT companywide.


IoTech Protect’s team and partner product lines protect hardware, software, personnel, visitors and premises for organizations of any size. Advance planning for any and all types of attacks provide peace-of-mind to focus on the products and services you provide.


State-of-the-art products and services to secure critical infrastructure.

Our Partners

Cyberspace, Dermalog, ViiSights, PrimeKey/KEYFACTOR, Planix Group, and others.

Internal Security

Advanced biometric detection devices limit staff and visitors’ access to restricted areas. Real-time video surveillance and reporting to assist your security team.

External Security

Innovative AI-driven video surveillance and behavioral analysis reports to security staff. Crowd, traffic, and suspicious event analysis in real-time. Drone surveillance saves time and costs for larger areas.


We provide extensive, recognized experience.

Our team has extensive experience with military, law enforcement, and major clients in international forensic cyber threat detection. In addition, we offer cutting-edge products with advanced biometric scanning technologies, real-time video surveillance, and optical equipment using artificial intelligence and drone technologies. These solutions have been successfully implemented in office, manufacturing, hospital, school, sporting venue, and public transit settings to ensure that only the right people are granted access to the right data, equipment, and areas at the right time.

IoTech Protect Solution

Our state-of-the-art products and services are based on advanced biometric scanning technologies, artificial intelligence, real-time video surveillance, optical equipment, vehicles, and drones to provide management, employees, and customers with a secure and safe work environment.

Michael Morrish

In my time as a cybersecurity and forensic investigator, working in law enforcement, I have seen that most organizations have vulnerabilities in their network security policy and compliance. Cyber attacks are increasing dramatically in frequency and complexity and more devices in the network (IoT) mean more vulnerability and possible attack vectors. Human and technical factors lead to network breaches and ransomware attacks that can cost millions of dollars, and damage reputation, and credibility. Additionally, most organizational disaster recovery plans do not adequately restore networks to a pre-attack state. IoTech Protect’s In-Source platform leverages existing IT assets and provides a wholistic approach to integrating cyber and physical IoT security.

Lorenzo Scardicchio

The team is made up of experts in the
industry who are experienced, credible,
knowledgeable, and detail-oriented
with their findings and provide great
remediation steps. We appreciate the
sound advice they provide to our
growing company.

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