Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT Devices

IoTech Protect Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT devices refer to the thousands of devices that collect, transmit, use and analyze data, internally and by remote access. Data from these devices may be used, stored, and transmitted within and outside the place of business. All this connectivity creates ”gaps” that must be secured to keep people, devices, infrastructure, and operations safe from cyber-intruders.

IoTech Protect provides integrated security solutions that guard a company’s investment in its operations, facilities, customer base, and reputation.

Hackers using IoT devices to access vehicles:

Internet of Things

IoTech Protect helps companies manage their endless interconnected devices. Sensors, functional software, and systems support network connections. These need to be properly connected and safeguarded to keep cyber intruders from infiltrating systems and moving across functional areas to create serious problems.

Our cyber security experts can map existing IoT security initiatives, check for inconsistencies throughout the organization, provide horizontal recommendations and security improvements. IoTech Protect’s credentialed professionals are knowledgeable about IoT Security architectures that will help keep IT, OT, and all devices fully authenticated.

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IoT Uses include:


Supply chain logistics, assembly processes, embedded devices in autos, and sensors being manufactured.


Connected vehicles and infrastructure.


Medical devices such as artificial hearts, medical records, and wearable monitors.

Smart Cities

Municipal infrastructure running traffic lights, bridges, and water treatment systems.

Building Access Points

Securely coded access cards, video cameras, heating/cooling.

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Cyber Laboratory: Security Simulation

  • Cyber Laboratory is a physical venue designed to simulate infrastructures to identify hardware and software-based open nodes and other potential internal and external vulnerabilities.
  • Developed by a highly-skilled team of professionals with direct, hands-on, expertise in cyber-crime units for forensic analysis of system vulnerabilities and complete physical infrastructure.
  • Cyber Laboratory can be used by private and public organizations, as well as in academic settings to allow learning and practice finding system vulnerabilities.
  • Cyber Laboratory allows clients to learn the latest innovations, troubleshoot response methodology, and test resistance to specific cyber threats. The goal is to reduce security risks and ensure compliance with the security and specific industrial regulations, protocols, and best practices.
  • A Cyber Laboratory can be set up at your location or at one of our regional sites to best meet customer needs.

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