The foundation of IoTech Protect’s Digital Asset Protection Service is to provide integrated security solutions that protect a company’s digital, physical and interpersonal spaces in the 21st century, saving costs and resources in the process. Every internet-connected device potentially leaves a gap to be protected. All too often, well-intended third-party solutions give cybercriminals new access points to penetrate companies’ digital and physical perimeters.

IoT devices are all the thousands of devices that collect, transmit, use and analyze data, internally and by remote access. Data from these devices may be stored and transmitted within and outside the company. All this connectivity must be secured and re-secured to keep data, the internal and external perimeters, people, and devices safe from cyber-based intrusion. This can run the gamut of use cases, from manufacturing to providing securely coded access cards, and authenticating remote workers’ computers.

IoTech Protect’s cyber protection suite includes a comprehensive digital security package focusing on integrating IoT devices to be sure that vulnerabilities are thoroughly assessed, analyzed, and managed, in conjunction with the company’s IT personnel. Our highly trained team and protocols protect investments in critical infrastructure necessary to run a thriving enterprise. Additionally, the ROI of avoiding or mitigating ransomware attacks is well worth the time and investment in IoTech Protect’s solutions. Each product in a customer’s portfolio is customized to take into account the security protocols already in place and where vulnerabilities still exist. There are very few, if any, IOT or security consultants that offer such a vast array of security solutions, with an eye toward integrating the data component as well.

Our cyber security team stands ready to help meet your needs, with:

  • Integrating IoT devices with third-party and in-house applications
  • Compliance with regulatory and industry standards and best
  • Managing internal and external threats
  • Maintaining online hygiene
  • Performing analysis of cybersecurity infrastructure
  • Structural assessments
  • Customized cybersecurity services
  • Project management and implementation

In-Source Cyber Protection is a comprehensive and agile platform, developed by our cybersecurity team, and recognized for its cybercrime detection and prevention experience. We enhance your existing cybersecurity resources and systems with an infrastructure you control and manage in-house. IoTech Protect will support development and execution of these long-range strategic plans, helping you adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape.

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